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Imagine your magazine in Apple's NewsStand & as a Google Magazine App.  We make it happen!

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We can make your magazine available on every Tablet & Smart Phone!  We are Apple & Android Certified developers.

Why Apple's NewsStand & as a Google Magazine App?  Because that’s where the big boys have gone…  Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stones, …… the list just goes on. Remember the old real estate maxim… It doesn’t matter if your house is the smallest around as long as your house is in the best neighborhood in town.  Imagine your Magazine available on every Tablet & Smart Phone!

Why only us?  Because we are the only game in town that offers you the Genesis System for increasing your magazine's revenue through not only entry into Apple's NewStand and as a Google magazine App, in a slick and effortless way, but by providing you your Apple NewsStand & Google Magazine App on Steroids...  Genesis Steroids.

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